Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Ok, I admit it - I've jumped headfirst onto the bandwagon. I'm now officially a massive Socceroos fan.

And like all good hypocrites, I can justify my situation and differentiate it from all those people I openly abused for suddenly becoming huge fans of teams or people that play sports they don't understand.

Here goes:

  • Australia making the second round finals in the Soccer World Cup is a much, much bigger achievement than say, the Brisbane Lions winning a few premierships, or Nat and Kerri winning gold at the Olympics. This is a sport that is played in every freaking country in the world. I mean, Australia has never even looked like they should be there. We've only made it to the finals once before and we didn't score a single point. Suddenly, we're in the top 16 and looking pretty good!
  • I've never said I didn't like soccer... hell, I even played it when I was a bit younger. And all my complaints about the sport (mainly to do with the acting component) still stand, so it's not as if I've reversed any decision...
  • ... I'm sure there's more reasons I'm right this time and I was still right when I was on my high-horse...
So fine, I'm a hypocrite. I can live with that. Please address abuse to the comments section of this post...

Damo "Visa" Brady

Damian Brady

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