I've been slack

Just look how long it's been since my last post!

If you're expecting an excuse, then here it is: I've been flat out with a few things. I've mainly been involved with the fundraising for the Australian Uni Games (that I'm not even going to), and I've been fairly busy at work. Also, I'm sitting an MCP exam next week, but I can't really use that as an excuse because I only really started studying last night.

And speaking of the MCP exam (Microsoft Certified Professional - exam 70-315 - look it up if you're interested), I'll be heading to Sydney next week for Microsoft Tech.Ed. Hopefully that'll provide me with tons of info on upcoming MS technologies and how to use the current ones better. This will be the first year I've gone alone though, so I expect to be all lonely... maybe I can (God forbid) socialize with the geeks... scary...

I'll try to post a bit while I'm down there about what's going on and what's been exciting me.

If you're a personal friend of mine, firstly why are you reading this?, and secondly keep an eye out on the QUT Volleyball site for information on the second installation of the QUT Zoolander Walkoff, appropriately titled, "QUT Zoolander Walkoff 2: Derelicte". If you could make it along to help out with tour costs and generally to have a laugh at the idiots who are walking (myself included), that'd be great!


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