Tech.Ed Day 3

This should probably be titled "Tech.Ed Night 2" to be fair; I'll probably be talking about last night a lot more...

So yeah, last night.  In true Tech.Ed style, they threw drinks at us until we could drink no more.  Last year (on the Gold Coast) they booked out Movie World and threw drinks at us.  This year they booked out Home nightclub in Cockle Bay (Darling Harbour), opened the bar completely and brought celebrities to play XBox.  So I found myself at one stage watching Anthony Mundine boxing against Willie Mason (on XBox obviously) while drinking free Heineken.  Apart from Mundine and Mason, Hazim el Mazri, David Peachey and Nick Davis were in attendance.

So today was more about stuff that was cool than stuff that was necessarily useful.  I went to a few sessions on Atlas (Microsoft's AJAX framework), and one on tips and tricks in C#.  The Atlas stuff looks pretty good.  You can do some fairly decent stuff with very little (or no) code.  Most of the Atlas controls just extend the existing ASP.NET controls so there's no real need to design with Atlas from the start.  I'll definitely be giving this stuff a try at home.

Anyway, that's enough from me, and that's enough of Tech.Ed for this year.


Damian Brady

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