On not posting much lately

I've been a bit slack with the posts lately. I could make excuses citing lack of time, but truthfully I haven't found much that I've been motivated to write about.

While I honestly haven't had a great deal of free time (self-inflicted, as always), I guess I've just been consumed with things happening around me rather than things I've read about or have heard about.

Perhaps the lack of motivation comes down to recent disappointing events. Last weekend my volleyball team lost two finals, knocking us out of contention for the flag despite finishing third after round games. St. Kilda, the AFL team I support, suffered a similar fate at the hands of the Melbourne Demons (and injury) and the Broncos (NRL) lost the first of their finals to the Dragons. On top of that, Australia lost two legends in Steve Irwin and Peter Brock.

So all in all, it's been a fairly ordinary last week or so. I'm sure I'll be motivated enough to put something decent up here soon.

Damo "Visa" Brady

Damian Brady

I'm an Australian developer, speaker, and author specialising in DevOps, MLOps, developer process, and software architecture. I love Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and reducing process waste.