Back online...

Hi all,

I'm ignoring the fact that "all" is probably nobody by the way.

So I'm back online with a new web host and am planning some changes to some things around here. The first change will be the link to "Home" just on the right there - it still goes to my old domain... Any ideas on how to fix it? I can't find it anywhere in any of the Wordpress or theme files - I've checked sidebar.php about 14 times...

So anyway, this new host will be hosting some new projects coming up. I moved from my old one mainly because they didn't support Ruby on Rails, and this one does. I'm a bit excited about RoR at the moment, even though I haven't touched any code - just pages of a book. I'll probably blog on that when I do.

That's enough for now, keep an eye out - the blog may not be the default page for long...

-Damo "Visa" Brady

Damian Brady

I'm an Australian developer, speaker, and author specialising in DevOps, MLOps, developer process, and software architecture. I love Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and reducing process waste.