This guy's insane...

I've been trying to get into Ruby on Rails so I've been looking for good tutorials and introductions to the ruby language and the whole RoR framework. I've found a few, and I think I'm getting a decent grasp on it now.

One I'm reading why's (poignant) guide to ruby and it's seriously like getting great training from a mental patient. The tutorial bits and examples are great, but there's a ton of insanity thrown in.

Take this quote for example:

Back, back, way back before speedboats, I owned a prize race horse who took a stumble on the track. She did ten front flips and crashed into a guy who was carrying a full jar of mayonnaisse. We had blood and mayonnaisse [sic] up and down the track. Needless to say, she was a disaster.
Wow. And this kind of stuff is scattered throughout. The example immediately after this little story demonstrates methods by showing an example that catches a falling star and uses a rachet to connect it to a captive monkey to make a "starmonkey".

Well worth a read. You'll actually probably accidentally learn Ruby too.


Damian Brady

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