Enterprise MVC Apps course - redux

Last year, Adam Stephensen and I ran a number of "Enterprise MVC" courses.  These courses were hugely popular, not only selling out in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, but receiving positive feedback from each session nationwide.

Well, due to popular demand, they're back, but in a slightly different format - it's gone from a 2 part course to a course of 4 relatively independent days.  Day 1 will be useful if you're new to MVC, while the other three days will take your skills to the next level by teaching how to make enterprise-quality MVC applications.

There are a few reasons for the change, all of which based on feedback from the participants.

The volume of important content was the primary reason for the change.  Adam and I really wanted to spend more time on important topics like Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, logging, and testing.  With a 4 day course, we can really give these topics the attention they deserve.

We also think that getting your hands dirty is really important for understanding a lot of concepts.  By extending the course to 4 days, we can ensure there's plenty of time for participants to try things rather than just hearing about them.

Finally, we found that attendees came to the course with differing levels of MVC experience.  For some, the introductory subjects were invaluable, but not for everyone.  By adding an extra day for MVC Foundations, we can confidently start at a higher level for the subsequent days.

If you're writing MVC applications (or want to start) and you want to go beyond the demos so you can write enterprise-quality, maintainable, scalable, and robust applications in MVC, I’d highly recommend attending our new and improved courses.

For more details:

P.S. Telerik has once again jumped on board offering licenses for some of their awesome products when you register.  Check out the course pages for more info!

Damian Brady

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