Pluralsight Play by Play: Modernizing your Deployment Strategy with Octopus Deploy

Many of you will know I was lucky enough to speak at all three NDC conferences this year. The final event was the first ever NDC Sydney where I delivered a session on Continuous Deployment with Octopus Deploy in 60min.

NDC Sydney Session

While at NDC I had the chance to record a Pluralsight Play by Play with Troy Hunt. In a bit of a twist for regular viewers of his courses, I'm doing most of the teaching!

In the course, we talk about traditional manual deployment strategies and the state of deployments in many companies. We discuss the common problem areas when it comes to deployments, then I walk through Octopus Deploy and show how it helps solve these issues. Of course because it's Troy, we talk about security and Azure deployments as well. We cover a lot of ground in an hour, so whether you've used Octopus before or are new to it (like Troy), it's worth a watch.

Pluralsight Play by Play with Troy Hunt and me

Play by Plays differ from other Pluralsight courses in that they're unplanned and unscripted. The format leads to a much more natural discussion between two experts. Troy and I get along well, so what you see is almost everything we recorded!

The course has now been published,
so check it out!

More to come###

This is my first foray into the Pluralsight world (more coming), and the format of the Play by Play made it a lot of fun. Of course having a Pluralsight veteran like Troy Hunt made it much easier - I had a guide on site telling me how the session should run, and what things would need to change.

My plan is to publish another full-length Octopus course soon - focusing on integration with your existing toolset. Of course there's the fantastic course by Kenneth Truyers on Deploying .NET Applications with Octopus Deploy, but there's definitely room for more Octopus courses, and plenty of room for courses around the broader DevOps area.

First though, there's a move to Toronto to think about...

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